Apple Servicing

iPhone Servicing

At Esperance Communications, customers can enjoy the convenience of Authorised Apple Warranty & Non-Warranty servicing right here in Esperance.

Is my iPhone under warranty?

Click here for the Apple Service and Support Checker, to see if your iPhone is under warranty.

Please note that issues caused by accidental damage, including impact damage, cracked screens and liquid damage, are not covered under warranty.

Screen Replacements

Esperance Communications can facilitate the genuine replacement of iPhone screens.

Our prices are listed below:


Repair Type

Cost A$

iPhone 13 Pro MaxDisplay Replacement (Front)$581
iPhone 13 ProDisplay Replacement (Front)$501
iPhone 13 miniDisplay Replacement (Front)$434
iPhone 13Display Replacement (Front)$501
iPhone 12 Pro MaxDisplay Replacement (Front)$581
iPhone 12 ProDisplay Replacement (Front)$501
iPhone 12 miniDisplay Replacement (Front)$434
iPhone 12Display Replacement (Front)$501
iPhone 11 Pro MaxDisplay Replacement (Front)$581
iPhone 11 ProDisplay Replacement (Front)$581
iPhone XRDisplay Replacement (Front)$501
iPhone XSDisplay Replacement (Front)$501
iPhone XS MaxDisplay Replacement (Front)$584
iPhone SE (2nd generation)Display Replacement (Front)$284
iPhone 6s PlusDisplay Replacement (Front)$344
iPhone 7 PlusDisplay Replacement (Front)$344
iPhone 8 PlusDisplay Replacement (Front)$344
iPhone 6sDisplay Replacement (Front)$314
iPhone 7Display Replacement (Front)$314
iPhone 8Display Replacement (Front)$314
iPhone 12 miniBattery Replacement$174
iPhone 12 Pro MaxBattery Replacement$174
iPhone 12Battery Replacement$174
iPhone 12 ProBattery Replacement$174
iPhone XBattery Replacement$174
iPhone XRBattery Replacement$174
iPhone XS MaxBattery Replacement$174
iPhone XSBattery Replacement$174
iPhone 11 ProBattery Replacement$174
iPhone 11 Pro MaxBattery Replacement$174
iPhone 11Battery Replacement$174
iPhone 6sBattery Replacement$144
iPhone 6s PlusBattery Replacement$144
iPhone 7Battery Replacement$144
iPhone 7 PlusBattery Replacement$144
iPhone 8Battery Replacement$144
iPhone 8 PlusBattery Replacement$144
iPhone SE (2nd generation)Battery Replacement$144

PLEASE NOTE, all prices are for the quoted service only, if a additional repairs are required we will issue a quote with a $65 quoting fee.

In store support. Our Services include:


  • Apple Warranty Servicing
  • Warranty replacements on iPads, iPods & Apple TVs
  • Minimum service fee of $65
  • Apple Non-Warranty Servicing
  • Mail-in repairs for Apple Watches and Beats Audio products
  • iPhone Service Program
  • Battery replacement

Details for AppleCare and pricing and coverage can be found:

for iPhone HERE

for Apple products HERE